WordPress Support Services

We offer WordPress Support Services for your website or web application at an affordable monthly cost that fits your marketing or IT budget, whether all you need are the essentials or you require enterprise support, we’ll support you to infinity and beyond.

WordPress support services include securityAll WordPress support services plans include:

  • updates to the WordPress core as well as updates to plugins and themes
  • daily backup points for all files
  • uptime site monitoring & alerts
  • malware & security scanning

It’s important that preventive maintenance is completed with a WordPress support service like we offer on a routine basis to keep your investment safe and healthy. Most websites are hacked because of outdated plugins, themes, and the WordPress core software. Go with our Basic Plan to get Sucuri’s Firewall installed on your website.

WordPress Maintenance Plans

Essential Maintenance
$59 / month
Major WordPress Core Updates
Plugin & Theme Updates
Daily Backups in the Cloud
Uptime Site Monitoring
Malware Scanning
Basic Partnership
$299 / month
Essential Maintenance Features plus...
WAF (Web App Firewall)
Staging/Test Environment Setup
Email/Phone Consulting Support
1 Task Per Month
Consultant Partnership
$599 / month
Basic Partnership Features plus...
Basic Analytics & Inbound Reports
Server Resource Monitoring
Slack Instant Chat Support
3 Tasks Per Month
Professional Partnership
$899 / month
Consultant Partnership Features plus...
Continuous Speed Improvements
5 Tasks Per Month


What is a “task” and how do you define the different types?

A task is generally something that takes our team an hour or less to complete, depending. A task cannot be a large project. For example, if you assign “Design/Build New Blog Template Page” to our team, this would be outside the scope of our WordPress support services and would fall into a project that would need to be scoped out. If you’re not sure the task is more of project or not, please contact support.

  • A content task is usually a task completed while logged into the dashboard of WordPress such as installing a new plugin, configuring a certain aspect of a plugin, adding new photos, adding new posts or pages, etc.
  • A theme/design task can be a theme modification such as changing a color, font, or minimal layout changes. These are not limited to a GUI and can fall in the realm of programming, at times. A design task could also be creating a small graphic, or modifying/exporting an existing graphic for web.
  • A dev/programming task could be a theme or plugin modification at the code level. It is a task that requires a programmers expertise.


Do tasks “rollover” to the next month if unused?

No, they are “use them or lose them” tasks. Be sure to submit all your changes before that happens!


Does your WordPress maintenance service include night and weekend support?

Generally no, however if it’s an emergency, you may contact your account manager on their cell phone via call or text and we’ll get the issue rectified right away. What is defined as an emergency varies from situation to situation. You may contact us if you feel you have a unique situation. We’re happy to serve!


Can I cancel the plan at any time? Are there any months/years long commitments?

If you aren’t happy with our WordPress support services you can cancel them at any time through your account portal, we don’t lock customers into our plans. You can also upgrade/downgrade to any plan within your portal at any given time.