WordPress Development Services

We’re a web strategy firm that helps businesses just like yours. We help you attract prospective customers and turn them into happy, paying customers with the inbound marketing methodology using the WordPress framework. We offer a variety of WordPress services such as web design and development, blogging and content writing, search engine optimization (SEO), conversion optimization, social/community management, and email campaigns with marketing automation.

We’ve been working with WordPress since 2004, and you can trust in our capabilities.

Our WordPress Development Services

WordPress Website Audit

During the web audit, we will find various things that need your attention in four major categories: WordPress security, speed and performance, design and user experience, as well as inbound marketing and SEO.

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WordPress Support Services

We’ll support your WordPress site or WordPress-based application whether we built it or not. These monthly packages also include general preventative maintenance to the WordPress core, plugins, and themes. We’ll update your WordPress website to the latest major version of WordPress and ensure that all your plugins and themes are updated to the latest stable version. This is a monthly, recurring service.

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Inbound Marketing and Organic Growth Strategies

Most website have purpose, even if that purpose is to simply serve information to hungry users. We’ll assess your current strategies and see what is working, what’s not, and what we can do to improve engagement and conversions for your business. We’ll also discuss current sales flow, customer on-boarding, and customer retention.

Creative & Design Services

What we specialize in, is user experience and designing for conversions. We’ll design with your goals in mind– we’re not here just to make something look nice. Leave that up to us when considering who will design your website and landing page experience.

WordPress Development Services

We have pride in crafting unique WordPress themes that use all core and native features of WordPress. After your site is built and deployed, we also offer Web Hosting with WP Engine, and maintenance packages on a month to month basis.

WordPress Training

Beginner basics are hour long courses that are offered to paying clients at no charge. We have additional courses to help you at any skill level.

WordPress Product Development Services

This can include forking an existing open-source project, a custom WordPress plugin, or a general web application. Please contact us for an estimate. We require a minimum investment of at least $30k.

WordPress Product Support Services

We’ll handle production support on a monthly basis. If it’s a system we did not build, we will have an initial discovery phase to go through. Please note we do not handle any legacy systems on any Microsoft framework.