ATMAX Equipment

May 1, 2013 by gobbler |

ATMAX had a huge problem with their old website: Inability to edit or add pages and text. We promptly re-designed their old site and put them on the WordPress platform. Additionally a classified areas of the site was created for used equipment sales.

PM Kinetics

October 7, 2015 by Alison Foxall |

PM Kinetics was suffering from an ancient website that had seen better days. We worked with PM Kinetics’ copywriter and came up with timeless and vectorized branding for a new-age look. We used our Gobble Blank skeleton framework (a WordPress blank theme) and built the theme tailored for the client.

IRONMAN Foundation

by Alison Foxall |

We were fortunate to be able to work with the fantastic team at IMF. A separate, but affiliate non-profit company to IRONMAN Corporation, they desperately needed a mobile responsive design and the ability to easily make changes to their website. As usual, the WordPress framework saved the day. We worked with a design firm on the UI and graphics, while we built the custom WordPress theme based on our own theme framework (Gobble Blank). We also used the CrowdRise API to connect into IRONMAN’s crowdfunding platform.

Academy at the Lakes

by Alison Foxall |

Academy at the Lakes came to us looking to re-design their already customized WordPress theme. They needed their site to be responsive for tablets and other mobile devices, especially Apple devices– which a lot of their students carry. We put their site on our Gobble Blank WordPress responsive skeleton theme and applied their branding. Their home page has a lot of custom fields work done so they can control every section and make new sections!

ARG Back Office

March 21, 2016 by Alison Foxall |

ARG Back Office is a new service offering and currently had no website, only a landing page from their existing corporate website. We took business rules from the client to develop a custom WordPress plugin– a calculator that not only functioned for their prospective customers but also their current ones. The design was developed and executed, as well as matching tradeshow graphics and materials.

Weese Family Winery

October 7, 2015 by Alison Foxall |

Weese Family Winery needed to be thrusted into automated order processing with WooCommerce, especially with their complicated sales tax code structure in California. We put them on WordPress first and gave them a refreshed design and responsive web site.

York Bridge Concepts

May 1, 2013 by gobbler |

YBC came to us with an already designed website that needed front-end web development services and a few custom WordPress page templates. The site is responsive, meaning that it also optimally displays on mobile devices.

Sarasota Magazine

by gobbler |

We migrated thousands of records from MSSQL 2008 to MySQL and migrated those articles to live inside the WordPress schema. Tens of thousands of image were also migrated via automated scripts. 301 redirects were in place for thousand of pages as well. A custom theme was built from client spec to output the numerous records.

Gobble Blank

by gobbler |

The custom theme that we start from, it is a blank theme available for download on github and is maintained and being improved on a quarterly basis.