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Free Stock Photos (2017)

February 12, 2017 by Alison Foxall |

Many times we work with companies that have no budget for stock photography, or don’t see the value in it. When you can’t afford photography, and stock photography prices seem obnoxious, take a look at these free stock photos that don’t necessarily have that “stock” look. Check out these eight free stock photo resources:

1. Unsplash

A personal favorite of beautiful free stock photos. Most of the shots have brilliant composition. Unsplash is very much a lively community; you can save your favorite photos, as well as artists and companies. I highly recommend!


2. Pexels

Thousand of free images to choose from on various subject matter. Search is easy to use and they are supposedly adding up to 100 new images per day and are continually growing their library.

3. PicJumbo

Another comprehensive library of free stock photos, they also sport a photoshop plugin that you can use to automatically fill in photos into placeholders. However, when I searched for ‘husky’, nothing came up. This made me sad. Download process is long and annoying, takes about three clicks to get to the image.

4. Stockvault

Another library of free stock photos, just be careful what you click on. The photos in the white background are the free stock, meanwhile the photos in the dark background are not free.

5. Pixabay

If you want to download anything other than a small version, you do need to pass through an annoying captcha test. If you want to avoid this, you can register with the site.

6. Negative Space

Alas, no husky photos. -1. Download of these free stock photos is simple and straight forward. The shots are nicely composed, however they are lacking in a comprehensive library that many of the others have. Still, it’s a good place to find unique shots at no cost.

7. Gratisography

This free stock library is hilarious. I won’t deduct points for not having any husky photos, only because these photography options are strangely unique. If you’ve been around the advertising block and/or are a traditional ‘mad men’, you’ll remember these types of shots in many of your stock photography catalogs. Remember those?

8. Magdeleine

Ability to sort through photos based on color! I love that option. No huskies to speak of, so here’s a cupcake instead.

6. New Old Stock

Vintage free stock photos. Because sometimes you need something old. There’s other places like Free Historical Image Stock from Ancestry Images — this site is more comprehensive but takes digging to find what you’re looking for.

7. LibreStock

This is more of a service to find free stock photos from some of the sources mentioned above. Type in your query and the images will take you directly to the download page for each site.

8. Creative Commons Search

This searches through Flickr, Google, etc. Simply type a query and hit a search engine and pound that return key!