About the Gobblers
Our values and views

We are a core team of two. Founded in 2012, we are interested in delivering quality products and results. Integral and holistic philosophies are at the core of our business. We strive to create simplistic and elegant solutions to meet your goals. Consciousness is important to us, and that’s why we are a member of Conscious Capitalism Florida.

Matthew Wild
Partner, Developer

Matt has been working in application development since 2005, primarily with vendor management applications, customer relationship management systems and custom consulting. Matt has worked at Fortune 500 companies located in Troy, MI to New York City. His strengths and passions lie in database management and data structures. Matt has been focusing much of his time designing and building Gobble Logic’s future products and applications that are standalone as well as pluggable into WordPress.

Alison Foxall
Partner, Designer

Alison has been working with web technologies since 1997 and has a background in art & design. Her career path has always geared towards web software design and development but she has spent a number of years in advertising and branding agencies. She understands that good marketing comes with knowing and effectively communicating with your audience. She loves the open source community, where she can share ideas, tools, and knowledge for free. Lastly, Alison organizes the Tampa Bay WordPress User Group, speaking at many events to people learning the platform.

Our Views

We endorse free markets and conscious capitalism.